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    We will evenly distribute the load on those old circuits by adding new circuits where they are needed.  If you are having trouble with breakers always tripping, we can help.  Overloading can also be very dangerous to your home.  Older homes were not built to withstand today's load demands.  Stereos, T.V.'s, microwaves, space heaters, and many other large consumers that just didn't exist 40-50 years ago!

 Alley Electric can take care of it!  We will pull the permits, coordinate with PG&E, and be present for the inspections.  Do you have an old outdated panel that is on its last leg?  Is your home still being powered by fuses?  Do you have a fusebox in your closet?  If so, they need to go!  Overfusing is a common mistake that is made when a person installs a larger fuse than what the wire is rated to handle.  This may stop a fuse from blowing, but can also cause the wires in your walls to overheat and start a fire!   We'll take away your worries and leave you with peace of mind.

     Whether you have lights not working, plugs going bad, corroded wiring, or serious hazards, we will fix it.  All of our installations are safe and to code.  We'll make sure that whatever is ailing your home's electrical system will be corrected.

    If you have ungrounded receptacles and want them to be grounded, call us. We can rewire a couple of receptacles or your whole home.

     We can even help with the lighting design to assure you are Title 24 compliant.  We will make sure that all of the required circuits are installed, as well as being properly GFCI or AFCI protected as required by the NEC. Alley Electric is a name you can trust your home's electrical system with!!!